Sunday, 17 May 2015

Green Fingers!

After visiting my brother's new home last weekend I felt inspired to make my own flat more 'homely'. 
My first purchase to give off a 'cosy' ambience was a string of flowered fairy lights. I wrapped these around the balcony doors and they look brilliant when lit up with the lights down. I also bought some vanilla oil to drip onto the potpourri in our table, as well as a vanilla room spray (this beats the febreze we usually use which results in the house smelling of a bathroom!)

Flowered Fairy Lights - Home Bargains

The next change I wanted to make in order to make my flat a 'home' was to replace the dying house plant that was left behind by the landlady, which we had conveniently forgotten to water for a year. I still wanted something 'green' to replace it with, but something more...alive! After thinking long and hard about this I set my heart on a lemon tree. My reasoning in that it will give off some much needed colour as well as giving something back - unlike the useless Betty we previously had. I got my Mammy on board to take me to a garden centre and what a jolly it was! 
The first garden centre we went to had no lemon trees in stock, with staff explaining they were out of season. Undeterred we continued on our hunt where we next travelled to 'Poplar Nurseries'. After driving about 40 minutes out of our way and almost ending up in London (thank God for Sat-Nav) we arrived at our destination. The garden centre was brilliant with a range of different gardening delights and even a steam train you could go round on. 
I strolled the centre fraught with worry that I'd be out of luck in finding my tree due to the time of year.  
Praise the lord I found him - Lemony Snicket in all his glory! Along with my lemon tree I also found a statue of Ron, my sausage dog, who I will be buying in a few years. My Mammy was kind enough to buy them both for me and I bloody love them!

 After arriving home with my goodies I planted some 'erbs to have on my kitchen windowsill. I chose to plant Basil, Chives and Parsley as these are the herbs I use most when cooking. I will post another Blog to show off their progress in a few weeks :) 

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