Monday, 4 May 2015

Alresford Adventure

On this beautiful bank holiday Monday I, Mr Barrett and Dingbat decided to take a stroll along the Wivenhoe to Alresford trail with the idea of having lunch at 'The Pointer'.
The trail starts near Wivenhoe Quay spanning all the way to Alresford with breath taking views of the River Colne and lots of hidden secrets to see along the way. 

We set off just after midday so the sun would be at its highest point as we were in luck as the weather was mild and the sun was shining for the most part of the day.
Find below the pictures from our walk featuring the River Colne, the Alresford trail and an abandoned church ruin we stumbled across which burnt down in 1971. 

Do remember to scroll down to the bottom to read a pirate ghost story we were told of during our adventure. 

St Mary's Church - Wivenhoe
Secret Passage Way to Wivenhoe Quay
Wivenhoe Quay
Wivenhoe to Alresford Trail
The River Colne

The walking party 
St Andrews Church ruins
Church doorway
Do you believe in ghost stories? 
Reached our final destination - The Pointer Pub

Do you believe in ghost stories?
On wandering around the church ruins Mr Barrett got talking to an elderly gent who was visiting his wife's grave with his poodle. The chap told us of a pirate Robert Bray who was buried at the church in 1724. He led us to his grave which is positioned away from all of the other graves with a skull and cross bone to symbolise his pirate status. Apparently he can be seen some nights roaming the church grounds with his peg leg looking for gold – spooky!   

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