Thursday, 30 April 2015

Run Forest Run!

Now I’ve never been good at running, especially long distance due to being more of a sprinter. Anything over 3 minutes would give me the puffs, my legs would ache and I’d get cotton mouth.

I’ve always been envious of those who can run the distance without breaking a sweat, it looks so therapeutic and if I’m having a bad day I’d love to be able to run my worries away.

Due to living very close to a scenic walk which stretches over 4 miles I thought I’d try my luck at this running malarkey one final time and try and make the grade. I can honestly say after giving this another shot I now look forward to my runs and have seen great improvements in my speed and also my stamina. 

Don’t get me wrong this has been no easy task! I initially started off just running for 3 minutes, and 3 minutes back. I was knackered after this but I’d then increase my time slightly the next time I went out. This slowly built up my stamina and it has gradually become easier. I currently run 1.1 miles which is still early days but yesterday I had my own personal success in completing this under 12 minutes. I was very proud of this as I read on a running forum that this is a reasonable time for a beginner. I’m also considering signing up to a half marathon to give me even more motivation to keep going with this. 

There are a number of things that helped me get up to speed. Firstly I highly recommend the phone app ‘Strava’. This not only measures you time, distance, average speed and heart rate but you can also view your run on Maps and add a photo after each run. As well as this you can set yourself mini goals and send your friends ‘Kudos’ which really helps to keep you Motivated (thanks Dana!)
I also recommend taking a trip to Primark and having a look at their sportswear. Currently they have a very good range and at a reasonable price. I can personally vouch for the women’s cropped sport tops which so comfortable and they support you without having to wear a bra. They also come in a range of bright colours so definitely worth a look see. 

In addition I have also purchased a waist band to keep my belongings in whilst I run. As it is tight there is no jiggling around and it also has a hole for your head phones. This is perfect to keep your phone in so you can listen to music as you go. I personally recommend putting on a running album on Youtube as these tend to have no adverts and last for over an hour – and it is free! To go with the waist band I also bought some running head phones. These are brilliant as whilst they go inside your ears there is also a band which goes behind the back of your head so you don’t have the issue of them falling out whilst you run. 

Just remember – if I can do it, anyone can! :)

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